How to remove sidewalk Trip Hazards

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Public walkways or sidewalks if uneven can pose fall and trip hazards. Those that are responsible for the sidewalk might have to pay up for any liabilities occurring in case of an accident. Therefore, it is better to get the sidewalks repaired at the earliest.

The cost of the sidewalk trip hazard repair would depend upon the extent of damage and the ways to remove or repair the uneven concrete panels.

You need to take the help of a professional company for sidewalk trip hazard repair as this is not a DIY project. Moreover, getting the sidewalk repaired would be cheaper in comparison to paying the liabilities in case someone falls and gets injured.

Ways to Remove the Sidewalk Trip Hazards

  1. Dig out the peaked slab and add new concrete

The first of the sidewalk trip hazard repair methods include removing the entire uneven slab. The ground is exposed and leveled. New concrete is poured to make even sidewalk.

The pros of this method of sidewalk trip hazard repair method include the elimination of the risk of tripping and there is better appearance of the new concrete. In addition, any potential threat or issue underneath the concrete is taken care of.

  1. Level the uneven concrete by using scabblers, grinders or scarifiers

The second of the sidewalk trip hazard repair methods is to use concrete scarifiers or grinders to remove the portion that poses a trip hazard. This repair method is quick to complete and is easy on the pocket. However, the surface is not leveled completely.

  1. Precision concrete cutting

Another method of sidewalk trip hazard repair is that of concrete cutting. The concrete cutting contractors use special machines to cut the concrete that poses a threat of tripping. Complying with the ADA, this method is accurate and safe.

The pros of this method include a better finished appearance, elimination of the risk of tripping, non-slippery texture of the concrete, quick completion of the job and ADA compliance.

However, you need to take the help of the experts for this process as it requires special concrete cutting machines and the expertise to cut the concrete precisely.

With several companies in the foray for sidewalk trip hazard repair, choosing the best one will require some efforts. You can research and take reviews from your acquaintances, colleagues and neighbors to know about the best company. compare the prices and services offered by a few companies and choose the one that offers the best deal.

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