Educational Discipleship

  • by Raymond Nathan
  • 3 Years ago
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Because the Vice-President for Academic Matters in a Christian college I’ve many possibilities to consider and also to focus on Christian education. Within my amount of time in it, my meaning of Christian education continues to be tweaked and massaged because there’s always much to state and seeking to narrow lower the meaning to something manageable could be a challenge.

Recognizing the task, here’s my latest update: “Christian education is the introduction of a strong Christian world and existence view poor a soul-enriching community.” Allow me to attempt to unpack that for you personally.

– A strong Christian world and existence view: The center of Christian greater education begins where all existence begins-the phone call to glorify and revel in God. In Christian greater education we’ve the privilege of recognizing God’s glory, of answering God’s glory, as well as reflecting God’s glory. Because the imprint of His glory is on everything God has produced (Psalm 19 Romans 1), all creation reveals truth about Him. The statement, “All the fact is God’s truth,” captures the concept that don’t be surprised to locate an intersection between your scriptural worldview (Creation, Fall, Redemption, Consummation) and each whole world of human endeavor. Particularly in education, the scriptural world view will impact every discipline.

– Poor a soul-enriching (community): Christian education is much more compared to mere communication of knowledge. It’s about whole-existence transformation. Though this modification may be the work from the Holy Spirit, He frequently uses the way of people, institutions and conditions to complete that transforming work. The aim would be to see people achieve every aspect of who they may be and to achieve all that they’re intentional about doing. They require an atmosphere that’s soul-enriching.

– (Poor a soul-enriching) community: Christian education is education in community. Though a lot of things could be learned individually, full-orbed education happens inside a relational atmosphere. That community might be no more than a house-school family or the size of a college. Significant relationships of student-to-student, student-to-faculty, and student-to-staff should make up the systems of this community.

If I needed to provide a name to this sort of Christian education I would refer to it as “Educational Discipleship.” It’s the vision of the community of belief and scholarship. Sadly, many Christian institutions of greater education started with this particular vision but it is now just a remote (and often disdained) memory.

My very own view is this fact is the type of institution that holds a vital for you to for future years in our youthful people, the church and the west.

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