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5 Extraordinary Ways to Present Your Gift to Someone Special

  • by Raymond Nathan
  • 2 Years ago
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When you’ve chosen a truly perfect gift, simply giving it over just is not good enough.

You’ve bought a luxurious gourmet masterpiece like the Dawine Bordeaux wine in China or perhaps a fabulous piece of fine jewelry for somebody special and can’t wait to find his or her face once they open up the gift. Although the giftee remains unaware, your expectation builds until that time of surprise and fascination.

But if you eagerly want to hit it out of the park, you won’t be satisfied with giving your present without a touch of fanfare. You can have so much fun with the “big reveal” itself, and it doesn’t need to take very much extra effort and time. Plus, you’ll also be giving her an excellent story to tell each time she shows off her new bauble.

Turning gift-giving into an event

Anybody can make dinner bookings and provide a delightfully wrapped gift package over dessert and candlelight. Even a surprise celebration entails a regular script as soon as the guest of honor comes. But the absolutely inspired will elevate the act of giving — and receive — into the moment itself. Here are some suggestions to allow you to get started.

  1. The extraordinary delivery man. Your recipient might now be expecting a great gift from you for an impending occasion and rationally thinks you are going to be the one to give it. That’s where you can bring in the confusion that turns, eventually, to a happy surprise. Find somebody the receiver will never think would give a jewelry gift — or any kind of gift, for that matter. The noticeable first choice can be a little child, maybe your own, but the job may also fall to an obedient family pet that’s not averse to having a tiny box placed on its collar, or a neighbor who can pretend that he got your postal delivery by mistake. Have your child or another special-delivery guy approach the recipient with a gift in hand. They don’t need to say much (especially if it’s a puppy dog ) except “This is for you .” Under the instances, your giftee is definitely not prepared for a piece of fine jewelry, so any kind of anticipation will be blown away when she or he opens up this great surprise for you.
  1. Fake-Out Packaging. A bit of subterfuge can go a very long way, especially if you’re notorious for less-than-successful gift options in past times? The trick here is to sow seeds of dissatisfaction (perhaps even outrage!) that immediately turns into happiness. Start with the empty package from some practical, definitely non-sexy object — housewares like office items, cleaning items, hardware equipment and the like are perfect. Generally, you want a response like, “I can’t believe you would probably dare to get me X for our anniversary!” Obviously, nestled deep in that Trojan-horse packaging will be the true gift — jewelry from you. You may have to carefully prompt the person to continue digging to find it, but that won’t ruin the surprise.
  1. Scavenger Hunt. This plan requires additional work but may also double as a group activity during a bash. Rather than handing over a wrapped gift, you’ll present the honoree with an envelope having the first clue. You can have just a couple of clues or go insane with an exhaustive adventure throughout the place — or even throughout the neighborhood. You can tie each and every clue to anything about the person himself or your relationship or simply make them fun and challenging. The final clue, clearly, will uncover the location of your own personal gift for him, so you should make it a difficult one.
  1. The Unanticipated Discovery. Rather than giving a gift, you can let the receiver just happen to come across it. Whether wrapped or not, put the present someplace incongruous in which you know he goes daily, for example inside a medicine cabinet, cereal box or briefcase. Other options could be in a shoe or bike helmet you know he’ll wear and then feel something not right before getting a major surprise. This works best when the surprise spot fits into a normal routine that doesn’t differ from day to day, so your giftee is totally gobsmacked when an out-of-the-norm item shows up — “There are cufflinks in the soap dish!” Just make sure not to hide your gift so well that it gets overlooked or lost or slips down the drain.
  1. Your Special Place. Think of the areas that have a single meaning for you and your partnership. These memory-packed locales can definitely set the mood if you spring the gift of jewelry on your better half. The place doesn’t need to be fraught with significant weight either — the fast-food drive-thru the place you shared your very first kiss can be just as moving as the beach where you proposed. Or you could bundle your present giving with another activity you know she’d love, like hearing a hit singer in concert or having a hike that’s already been on your list for a while. Wherever you decide to go, you’ll want to make sure you’ve had the gift in a secure, safe place until the precious time is right. To weave in the surprise element, suggest this trip like it’s an event unto itself, no mention of gifts or special events involved. Then, when you get there, find a moment to discuss your hidden agenda and, voilà, out comes the jewelry box.

With just a bit of creativity, you possibly can make the giving of the gift practically as gratifying as the gift itself. Jewelry is such a valuable, personal gift, and it’s worth going a phase further to build a life experience that matches it.

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